Covers up Sexual Abuse of Minors

Puberty-blocking Drugs, Sex-change Hormones and Surgeries for minors as a civil right.

Creates Civil Right for Biological Men to Participate in Women-Only Sports

Bans discrimination based on “gender-affirming” treatments in public school

Submit Written Testimony (3/18/24, SJ4) and Contact your Legislator today.

A Constitutional Amendment that targets CT Girls & Religious liberty

SJ4 prohibits discrimination against biological boys who wish to compete in girls sports. CT is a “hotspot” for transgender athletes and lawsuits have been filed. We need to protect fairness and safety in sports. CT won’t be able to protect girls-only sports from biological boy participation. Watch these 2 strong women testify against SJ4.

SJ4 may prohibit parents from preventing access to social-transition gear such as genital binders & tuckers for their minor children. It would interfere with their family decision not to pursue “gender affirming” treatments such as puberty blockers, cross-hormone treatments and surgery to mutilate their existing genitals or attempt to create more. It could make parents legally helpless to stop a gender transition of their child.